About Us

Who are we?

As a Chef and Restaurant Manager for over a decade I learned how one's passions can drive an individual to be successful only if you also set those around you up to succeed as well.  With this same mindset and a proven track record in a field of work I loved, I decided to make drones my career.  I was not sure how, and I did not have a plan other than keep learning, keep sharing, and keep connecting dots for those around me when I was afforded the opportunity. Today, nearly 4 years later I find myself not just working for myself, but on projects I believe in.

Our team is growing every day and with every project.  The experience we bring to projects can vary depending on the scope and nature.  No matter your needs, we will connect you to the network of solutions that will afford you the results you are looking for.

From educators, to designers, engineers, and film production crews, we stack the deck in your favor with the top of their market partners and collaborators that will not only bring value to your current project, but possibly inspire you and assist you in the next one. 

Our Mission is to be where you need us, with what you need, when you need it or before.  No matter the task, we always strive to exceed expectations when the sky is the limit!

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Our ramp up process is designed  to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to  succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit  your losses, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.