Education, STEM, and Technology-based Learning

When I started Quad Standard Labs I had one goal in mind, help others utilize the technology so we can grow together empowered with our knowledge.

Education and building the future of learning with technology is one of the areas I am most passionate.  

With a few friends and my network of industry resources and projects, I am involved with we are setting out to fix a major gap in the technology education segment. 

Support, this is the fundamental number one issue we hear about teaching technology and especially drones.  Teachers have eager students and have budgets approved, however, they end up with materials and products that either is difficult to utilize or when they malfunction or fail the teachers are left not knowing what to do.   

No matter what products you use, even ones we do not provide, we will stand with you and ensure the lessons can be taught and your budgets reach further to afford more students opportunities to utilize the programs. 

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