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QSLabs was first envisioned 5+ years ago as I first began to navigate the emerging world of flying robotics typically referred to as “drones”.  In those first few days of tinkering with the components that allowed me to build a flying machine that took me into the clouds like a bird, I began to see the bigger picture that they represented.  The second, or third, generation of the computer revolution was upon us.  Flying cameras, computers, and sensors all harmoniously and purposefully working toward a common goal inspired me in ways that are only able to be felt in the moment and I was hooked.

Leaving behind a successful career as a Chef and restaurant manager, I decided that day to carve my path to success in the drone industry by applying my business savvy, customer service, and proven management style.  At the time I had an idea, but not much of a plan.  Quickly, I found others that were also struck with the “drone bug” and inspired by their content and the projects they built, I began to create my own.  

Through circles of friends, creators, and tinkerers all sharing the same passions and driven to succeed, the industry began to form around us. In the subsequent years that followed I worked in a variety of roles, with some of those friends becoming colleagues, clients, and even partners and collaborators in what now is QSLabs.

What is QSLabs?

Within our network are collaborators, partners, and clients that work in a seamless and holistic path to success, working on projects together when possible and individually with a little help from the QSLabs inner circle.  When we discuss your project or others, we keep the entire QSLabs network in mind and aim to find alignment, synergy, and opportunity for new potential with every conversation, for every client and partner.

Examples of our holistic and collaborative process are present in each of our client's current projects.  We have clients that develop software that we develop hardware solutions for, while other clients within our network have active projects requiring software development that fits their product, budget, and timeline.

Without our own fundamental passion for flying robotic technology and similar technology, QSLabs would not exist.  With this drive to solve new and old problems alike while utilizing new technology, we are constantly building products and providing customized solutions as well as helping clients find new potential they had not recognized.

How QSLabs can help?

We have attended trade shows, events, organized booths, coordinated and produced our own events, and much of the in-between with our collective experience at QSLabs.  In our time at these functions, we met a wide variety of contacts, establishing relationships with clients, vendors, and service providers alike.  In every conversation that QSLabs collaborators and partners have with clients, industry experts, or anyone will provide your business and project an opportunity for new potential.  We approach each opportunity with the entire QSLabs portfolio of clients, partners, and collaborators in mind.  

Together, as a collective group, we can not only execute on our own vision and exceed expectations, but work together on new-found potential and striving to affect the entire industry in a positive way that provides our businesses the opportunity to flourish. 

What is QSLabs offering:

We offer a wide scope of services tailored to your specific needs and road map.  We have outlined the ways we can help below.

  • We will represent your business, project, or even yourself at any of the Industry Specific events that we regularly attend (7-10 events Annually)
  • We will continue to keep your company and project in the conversations we have throughout regular day to day business
    • Identify and form strategic partnerships
    • Identify and communicate important information or competitors work if applicable
    • Identify new clients for your own business and networking services
  • Tailored Reports and/or Task-Specific Testing
    • Reports on events tailored to the scope of your companies work and market
      • Contact Report (CR) with notes about conversations had
      • Suggested Course of Action Report (SCAR) with direction and guidance based on expertise
  • On-Demand Consulting for Project Management, Development, Market Research
    • We can tailor any package for your specific needs

 How to get started:

We are here to best serve you and your company’s wants and needs to tailor a package specific to each project. The chart below will help you understand the pricing structure, however when you are ready to discuss your project we prefer to hold a discovery call first to best identify your needs.

For Representation

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  • QSLabs will attend and represent your brand professionally with any provided materials and briefing on your project and/or products.  
  • QSLabs will actively identify and introduce your company to other companies, individuals, and potential partners, as well as begin preliminary discussions and research when the opportunity arises.
  • QSLabs will prepare a complete contact list and SCAR report with the following:
    • Name of Contact
    • Company or Project
    • Reason for Contact
    • Complete Contact Info
    • Notes and other pertinent information gathered
  • QSLabs will schedule a 1-hour debriefing for you and your team to hear our recap of the event, answer questions, and discuss the deliverables as well as possible future plans to work together.
  • You will become part of the QSLabs Insiders Club that will afford you regular news, information, and insights into the market and industry from our client's experiences as well as our own in navigating the industry.

We look forward to discussing your business's future and helping reach unseen potential together.  Schedule a call HERE.